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Visit our Care enough® program and learn about our direct support to health and educational programs in rural Ecuadorian communities.
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At The Exotic Blends Co., we are committed to providing you with the highest quality, most environmentally responsible products possible.

We know that you really care about what you and your family eat, so we want you to know what makes our lines of SAMAI natural snacks so different.

Quality Comes First
Procuring Ethically/commitment to sustainability
We are committed to sustainable sourcing and in order to protect the pristine rainforests all our raw materials are grown on small local farms outside of the protected reserves of forest.  By sourcing locally we actively promote economic growth through socially conscious and environmentally sustainable production, ensuring that the raw materials that Samai purchases are harvested without harming the environment and at the same time creating local employment and business.

» Our Rainforest Experience

Natural Flavours
All our flavours and seasonings are made from all-natural raw materials and ingredients, free of preservatives, artificial colourings and flavourings.

Once the plantains and bananas have been peeled the peels are sent back to the farms and used as natural fertilizer and cattle feed.

Social Commitment
We are working on a project to provide a day care centre for staff children and a cooperative store offering special discounts to all employees.



A 100% Natural Healthy Snack
All Samai products; Plantain, Banana and Tropical Vegetables chips are made from the freshest fruit and vegetables grown locally on the neighbouring farms and plantations.

Samai chips are crisped to a golden crunch using only non-hydrogenated vegetable oil and seasoned with natural flavourings inspired from the rainforest.  You can’t get a more natural, healthier snack!


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