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Visit our Care enough® program and learn about our direct support to health and educational programs in rural Ecuadorian communities.
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Our Rainforest Experience


“Plumas’ (Feathers) is an outstanding photographic bird book by Murray Cooper.  It is probably the most extensive collection of photos of South American birds and includes many amazing photos of birds ‘being themselves”. 

Murray has fundamentally used natural light in his exposures and only photographed birds in their natural surroundings. 

Murray’s work is an inspiration to us all, his photographs not only show Ecuador’s beautiful birds but their diverse habitats and reminds us of the importance of protecting them.

Most of the rainforest and animal pictures portrayed in our website belong to Murray´s private collection and we thank him for letting us share his view of the world with you.

The Exotic Blends Company gives back to Indigenous Groups.

The Exotic Blends Company help financing a book titled “Useful Plants of Ecuador/Plantas Utiles del Ecuador”.  The book, edited by Monserrat Rios, Michael J. Koziol (Head of R&D at The Exotic Blends Company), Henrik Borgtoft Pederson and Gabriela Granda, is a bilingual, 652 page work which is the result of a collaborative effort between the Herbarium QCA of the Universidad Católica del Ecuador, the Department of Systematic Botany of the University of Aarhus, and The Exotic Blends Company, S.A.

200,00 botanical specimens were reviewed and of these, 3,072 were found to have registered uses, they form the data base upon which the book is based. The entire database is presented in an annex and indices of indigenous peoples, plants uses, scientific names, and vernacular names permit a rapid retrieval of the information presented, even by non specialists.

It is of utmost importance to document this information and return it in written form to indigenous communities as accelerated acculturation and the disappearance of the forests are contributing not only to the loss of vegetable resources but also of the ancestral knowledge regarding their use.

The book is scheduled for publication by Abya-Yala in December.

Olivier Currat – Swiss rainforest hospitality in Ecuador

Pictures of the children and people that benefit from our Care enough program were taken by Olivier Currat.

Olivier is a Swiss hotelier with a vast international career in hospitality, and a passion for photography.

His story is one of a kind. Before arriving to Ecuador, Olivier worked as part of the management team of several leading hotels in Canada, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

After visiting Ecuador, Olivier fell in love with its ever smiley people, beautiful landscapes and megadiversity, and decided to build Lunaruntun boutique hotel and adventure spa. This unique hideaway is located in the foothills of the active Tungurahua volcano, a gateway to Ecuador rainforest. (

In the portraits taken by Olivier you can confirm that he is truly in love with Ecuador!


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