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Experience the magic world of Samai®

We sell a gastronomic experience that results from blending the exotic flavours of the South American Rainforest with healthful natural ingredients.

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- From the tree to a tasty natural snack


The Exotic Blends Company and Samai® were created in 2000 in Quito, Ecuador by a group of innovative multidisciplinary professionals that wanted to share the wealth of resources native to Ecuador to make available natural gourmet food for an international market.

Deriving inspiration from Ecuador’s Rainforest, the idea of Samai® was born.  Samai® means “breath of the rainforest” in the indigenous language of Quechua and infuses every product with the flavours, textures and colours of the Ecuadorian Rainforest, spreading awareness all over the world of the richness of this environment and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

For this reason no ingredients are extracted from the Rainforest, everything comes from monitored plantations outside the protected rainforest regions.

In 2006 The Exotic Blends Co. moved its processing plant from Quito, high up in the Andes to Santo Domingo de los Colorados in the lowland tropics. Samai® only processes the freshest products from the neighbouring plantations and is able to return the peels to the plantations to be used as a natural fertilizer and as cattle feed.

The Exotic Blends Company has grown from a small supplier of plantain and banana chips to one of Ecuador’s biggest exporters of natural snacks; spreading Samai® rainforest magic all over the world.

"Affordable natural gourmet products for all"


To become the world’s leading natural snack company… the snack that cares.. for people.. for nature.. for all of Us.


Our mission is to produce affordable gourmet foods using only natural ingredients, cultivated and processed in such a way as to exceed our clients’ expectations of quality while preserving our environment.


To give our clients, distributors, wholesalers and retailers a new generation of unique natural products with a stylish Latin American packaging.

Our trading relationships of every kind are commercially viable, mutually beneficial and based on trust and respect.

As a rule we seek long-term business relationships with customers and suppliers.

To create and sustain local employment, supporting small rural communities and helping them to develop better basic facilities for all.

To support small local businesses.

We use environmentally sustainable resources and actively promote rainforest protection throughout our business activities.

Our group of food and marketing specialists ensures the best quality and sales support.


SAMAI’s natural snacks are made out of premium selected plantains, bananas and cassavas grown and hand harvested in plantations on the pacific Coast of Ecuador, South America.

  • The plantains, bananas and cassavas are allowed to ripen on the tree and carefully picked by hand.

  • They are transported from the plantations to our processing plant, which is located nearby to ensure that only the freshest of ingredients are used.

  • Upon arrival, they are carefully peeled by expert hands, sliced and delicately golden-crisped in non-hydrogenated vegetable oil to create a 100% natural, nutritious tropical snack, rich in potassium and free of cholesterol. 

  • All products are packed under strict quality controls to guarantee their freshness and full flavour.

hey are then packed, carefully loaded into maritime containers and sent with all our warmest regards and appreciation for our customers worldwide.


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